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The Future of Football is Here Now!
Officially licensed by the NFLPA, STG Football is a free-to-play, real-time, arcade football game designed from the ground up to be a true multiplayer game supporting unique 4v4 gameplay that emphasizes teamwork and strategy.
4v4 Multiplayer Gameplay!
STG Football was specifically developed to cater to multiplayer gaming. The game accommodates up to 8 players, who engage in a 4v4 format game. This creates a strong focus on teamwork, where every player acts as the team captain for a quarter, devising the strategies and plays. As a result, each game is unique, mirroring the unpredictable nature of real-life football matches. The teams are able to communicate with each other through real-time audio chat during the game.
multiplayer 4v4
*Team in-game audio chat is supported but not player video.
NFLPA Superstars
Officially Licensed by the NFLPA!
In this official NFLPA football game, you have the opportunity to play as Travis Kelce, Davante Adams, Cooper Kupp, Aaron Donald, Patrick Mahomes II, Aaron Rodgers and many more professional football players.
Each SuperStar is limited to playing in only one position, but they all possess unique skills to assist you in winning. As you play, you can upgrade their abilities to enhance their performance. So, who will you choose for your starting line up as you build your fantasy team?
Real-Time Playability with Arcade-Style Action!
STG Football prioritizes real-time action, allowing you to experience more playing and less watching! The rapid pace of the game creates an authentic arcade-style atmosphere, immersing you in the heart of the action. The matches are brief but packed with non-stop excitement and speedy play calling.
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STG Store and Marketplace Build Your Fantasy Team!
To create your all-star team, you have the option of purchasing additional digital packs from the STG Football Store or the STG Football Marketplace. Our marketplace offers customers the ability to buy and sell individual SuperStar players and digital packs directly with other players in the game. In addition, you can level up the abilities of your SuperStar players and then sell them to other players for real money. With numerous opportunities to expand your roster and construct your fantasy team, you have complete ownership of these SuperStars. You can level them up giving you full authority over your gaming experience.
Note: STG Football Marketplace currently only available on Epic Games.
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