Last Updated: July 11th, 2022


What is STG Football?

A fast-paced, 7v7 arcade-style football game with 4 user-controlled players per team, presented to you by the experienced team at SuperTeam Games. With the development team coming from major gaming studios, we are proud to bring you an NFLPA licensed NFT football game for you and up to 3 friends to play together as your favorite superstars to dominate the gridiron.

Will it be free to play?

Yes! Users can play for free and earn superstars and items without spending any money. We are very excited by the ability for users to 'play & earn'! Opportunities will be limited with upgrading your free superstars but will be able to play the game as much as purchased superstars.

How do I play?

We are in our first stage of release where users can begin buying packs to build their rosters, and we're currently working hard to finish completing the development of the game, with expectations for Beta in Q3 and full release in Q1 2023. Reference our roadmap and discord for further updates as time progresses.

When does the game come out?

We are aiming to release the STG Football Beta in Q3 and the full release in Q1 2023.

What technology do you use to allow for true digital ownership?

We are using blockchain technology to allow you to own your in-game assets. More specifically, we will be using a Forte sidechain that, in time, will cross into other L1/L2 chains for broader integration.

Where can I learn more about the game?

Great question! Our discord channel is the best place to start. We’ve got a rapidly growing community there, we share leaks, updates, and long-form pieces all the time.

Who is the team behind the game?

STG Football is developed by SuperTeam Games. STG is an assembly of game industry veterans, with some of us having industry careers spanning more than 25 years! We bring a wealth of knowledge from Console, PC, Mobile, and F2P gaming.


How do I get whitelisted?

There will be several opportunities to get whitelisted for our first presale. We will be hosting an event through social media and events in the discord. So make sure you follow our Twitter and join our discord to be able to participate in these events.

How do I purchase?

You can purchase superstars on the marketplace or in the store during limited pack sales. The presale superstars will be the first superstars ever minted and will solidify you as an early adopter of the project.

What is a Wallet?

A wallet is a secure place to store your digital items. Each wallet has a unique id that links your digital assets to you. They are completely free to set up and own.

What wallet will I need to purchase items with crypto?

The service we will be using to purchase packs with crypto will be through Coinbase Connect. So you will want to have the cryptocurrency pre-purchased in your account going into any pack sales or marketplace transactions.

Pack Sales

Pack sales will be done via the Store. You must sign up and create a SuperTeam account to get access to the pack sales. When you go to purchase a pack from the store, you will be transferred to an external link provided by Forte with payment options. You will be able to purchase with either a credit card via a version of or Coinbase Connect.


I need help!

The best place for support is in our discord community. There are several channels where you can either ask for help from a moderator or search for the answer you are looking for. We will be adding more forms of support as the needs of the community grow. You can also email our support team at

Alternatively, you can also join our Discord and ask your fellow STG players for support.

How do I delete my account?

If you’d like to have your account removed from our database, you can contact our customer support team.